good news and bad news

3:10 AM

Hello there! :)

So... I have good news and bad news.

Good news are: the photoshoot with Cláudia went wonderlful. I delivered the film rolls today, but it will take about a week to get the pictures. I really hope the pictures come out as expected, so that I can share the majority of them with you guys. :)
Cláudia and I woke up at 7am - I did a schedule so that we would work quickly and effectively, and we did. The photoshoot ended just in time for Cláudia to go to work. I'm really excited to see how these will come out. We did something like 7 different sets and outfits. :) ahhh I'm excited.

Almost everytime we do a shooting we take what we call a friend's picture, here are two:

Bad news are: It's going to be rainning tomorrow, so... no pictures with Rita. :(
We have already talked and agreed that if it gets sunny in the weekend, we'll take them, if not... next week. It's only half bad news, really, because we will take the pictures, just not tomorrow. We'll see.

See you.


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4 of you said...

  1. Can´t wait to see the film photos.. Hope it goes out amazingly (as usual in your case;)*)
    Hopefuly, you´ll be able to shoot Rita as soon as possible ;) it is sunny at my place, actually :)
    Have a wonderful time, lovely.*
    (by the way, may I ask what do you put to the "Your flickr name" bracket? Because it doesn´t work with mine.. so I´m trying to figure out what I´m doing wrong.)

  2. Thank you. Feels great to get this feedback. :)

    (ok... I'm not sure about what you mean, sweetie)

  3. what is a flickr name? because anytime I try it out it doesn´t work and my flickr pictures do not show on my blogspot. do you know what I mean or still not? (I am sorry I am a terrible describer of my talks)

  4. Maybe you can write an email directly to flickr and they can help. Maybe it's a bug or something.

    Good luck, sweetie.