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7:44 PM

Hitoshi found me via Flickr. He sent me a message asking me to cooperate and answer a 3 question interview so that he could feature me on his blog. I was very flattered. It was the first time I've been asked to do something of that sort and I am really happy and grateful that he wanted to feature my work.

Anyways... for the full feature: CLICK HERE

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3 of you said...

  1. A tuas fotos são de deixar qualquer pessoa apaixonada. Um talento como teu deve ser reconhecido(dai pensar que merecias mais entrevistas como estas) Adoro o facto de teres mesmo amor pelas tuas fotos, isso demonstra que tens noção das tuas capacidades e reflecte a ideia que tens uma personalidade forte :)

  2. Don't ever let go! Think positive! Be what you love to be! We love you because we love what you do! You are what you do! We love what you are!

  3. Congratulations! I think I was featured there too at some point. Lovely blog! xx