... this week.

1:19 AM

Hello, everyone.

I'm really excited for this week since I know I'll be photographing!

Cláudia will be sleeping over tomorrow and if all goes accordingly we'll be photographing on wednesday morning, since she has to get back to work at lunch. See if we can make the most of the little time we have. She's already used to all of the fuss and doesn't stalk much, so... it will be alright, I think. :)

I'm also photographing Rita this week. I've been having these ideas since I found this beautiful spot near where I live, so... I called her and she is free this week. She is probably coming on friday. I'm not sure yet. It depends on the weather - I need my light! :)

I'm really excited. Plus, I'll be shooting film, so.. double thrill! :)

In other news, I've been featured in another website. I was actually quite pleased, because many of my favorite photographers have been featured to, so it does feel good to kinda... be next to them. :)

- Featured HERE -

Have a good night. :)


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2 of you said...

  1. The lind doesn´t work, what is it.. I am curious :).
    And I have exactly the same plan for this weekend.. actually, we are free from school for three days, so maybe in these days.. I´m sleeping over at my friend´s and we are going for a shoot. I am so excited, I can´t wait! Good luck with your shooting ;)

  2. ahahah Sorry, it is working now! :)

    Yay! So we are both going to have new pictures to show next week! Goodie! :)

    Have fun! *kiss*