trees and sun

5:57 PM

So, I wanted to try my new lenses and I went to this place close to my house that always seemed really beautiful to me. The sunset light shines through the branches beautifully. I didn't quite capture it the way I wanted... still. I wanted to share.

Oh... plus, I got a hives breakout on my legs from going there. The bugs ate me up alive, it seems. Not good..

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7 of you said...

  1. was it when the bugs started eating you alive, that you took these last photo?
    i really like the circular motion of the branches on this one.
    but my favorite is the third. t really as movement in it. and mistery too.

  2. Ahaha... I only noticed they ate me alive when I got home and I noticed it was really itching, so... I had these huge pimples ahahah :P

    Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you liked them.:)

  3. Oh, you are so beautiful! I especially adore the first photograph. xxx

  4. Olá Teresa, se te pedisse para fotografares alguma ocasião especial, tipo baptizado, casamento, aceitavas? Maria Sampaio

  5. Olá Maria. Acho que aceitava sim. Nunca o fiz, e não estou certa de que sou a pessoa mais indicada se o que queres é algo convencional. Mas acho que aceitaria o desafio, sim. :)

  6. these all photos are lovely, but the second one is my favorite !