1:04 AM

Hello, everyone.

I just came back from my first ballet class and let me tell you... it was hard! My legs were so weak in the end, I could barely walk right. ahaha The teacher wasn't very nice, she didn't even come to talk with me at the end of the class, she just left. On the other hand my dance colleagues were nice, so... we have a balanced situation, I guess. :P Anyways... from now on, mondays and wednesdays are ballet nights.

What about you? Anyone practices some kind of sport? :)

By the way... I took some film pictures of a friend of mine during my stay in Lisbon. I'll be taking the film rolls to the lab this week and I'm really curious to see the results. I'd never photographed her, so... We'll see.

And the pictures, of course :

Take care.


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3 of you said...

  1. She´s so beautiful. Can´t wait to see the pictures

  2. ...and in no time, you're taking beautiful pictures of beautiful dancers, with their expressive bodies, on beautiful locations, with a gorgeous light.
    Would you let me take some pictures of you dancing? :)

  3. lovely pictures! :)
    really nice blog

    jaggy from