cold weather and friends.

5:54 AM

Hello, there.

Winter is arriving quickly and effectively, it's getting colder by the minute and I have to admit I've been enjoying it very much. :) Today, two very dear friends of mine picked me up and we went to this cute coffee shop. It was really nice, we talked a lot. Then we went to the mall for some christmas presents spirit and I bought two little lovely notebooks for myself - I'll have to take their picture to show you. The notebooks are really slim, which is a good thing since I never really finish them. I have a bunch of half written/drawn notebooks laying around the house. ahaha
Anyway, we were walking on the street, it was really cold, I had my big coat on, scarf, all of that and at some point I felt my nose getting really cold... ahhh I loved it. I'm sorry, summer lovers, but winter is the best. Too bad it doesn't really snow here. I've been praying for it though, to the global warming god! ahahah It's probably the only good thing that could come out of global warming anyways, might as well happen now! :)

Yesterday, I took the film rolls I shot in Lisbon to the lab. Results coming next week. :)

By the way, I've been featured on Cromoart. <3

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