Fatih Alkan

4:09 AM

Today I came across this amazing photographer on Deviantart and I just couldn't help but feature him here. There's just something about is work... the simplicity and sensitivity it oozes is just hauntingly beautiful.
I really think it is worth checking out.

To do so you can follow these links: his Flickr, his Deviantart and his Blog.

... and here are some of my personal favorites.

Hope you like it as much as I do. :)


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6 of you said...

  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing miss :-)

  2. When I say "this" I mean both his work and the fact that you are kind enough to feature. :-p

  3. i really like the composition of the first photo. the nature scene with the couch and table. I also like how he hid his eyes with the book.

    and my second favorite of these is the cigarette in the hand. just seems to contain a lot of emotion somehow.

    good find.

  4. He is amazing. I have known about his works for a few years and I can´t but love it <3 great picks you made!