next stop: Lisbon

2:36 AM

A dear friend of mine invited me to spend the week with her in Lisbon and I actually thought that was a pretty good idea, so tomorrow I'll catc the train and I'll be on my way to Lisbon, to meet her. I really do need the "vacation". Need to see new people, new places.

Good news are, I'll be taking my camera, so... lots and lots of photographs when I come back. Plus, when I come back, I will also pick up Cláudia's pictures from the lab. :) Lots and lots of pictures, I tell you! ahaha I have also talked to Rita, and we are probably shooting next week. See if the weather cooperates this time. Fingers crossed. :)

Speaking of which, I am also waiting on a job reply - I did the interview last week... fingers crossed for that as well. :)

And I really felt like I should leave you with a new picture, so...

See you in a week.   

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