... no sleep!

7:43 PM

Here's the thing... I've become nocturnal. I've been sleeping during the day and I'm awake during the night. So... attempting to turn this cycle around... I haven't slept today. And I was so afraid to just surrender to the monster of sleep that I just had to keep myself occupied! So, I took a bath to stay fresh, at about 8am, and by 9am I was leaving the house to go downtown to an antiques fair. I grabed my camera to take pictures along the way, so what usually would be a 45min walk, turned into a 2h30 one. ahahah But I did take some cute pictures, I think. I'll upload them tomorrow. :)

For now, I have webcam pictures of me and Yuna when I was just about to leave the house. She was so not into it! ahahah Grumpy little fellow. :)

Take care.


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2 of you said...

  1. Hahaha, super cute! The kitty is too! I look forward to seeing the pictures from the outing. Keep up the good work!