Pony Asteroid

4:36 PM

Who doesn't love getting mail? And no, I don't mean e-mails, I mean actual mail in mail boxes!
I love getting letters and I also love getting gifts from foreign friends on my mailbox... not that I would turn down foreign presents in hand. ahahah :)
So... some weeks ago I got a present from my distant neighboor Rainer. He sent me some Haribo gummy bears all the way from Peru.

He's one of the coolest guys ever and one of my best online friends. Plus, he's the vocalist of the soon-to-be-great band Pony Asteroid. - Official Website and Myspace - Show them some love, please. :)

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2 of you said...

  1. Let's be foreign friends :-) after all I do get free flying privileges through my moms job, and could totally deliver presents from minnesota in person!

  2. song + post = perfect combination