... second.

6:30 PM

Today wasn't such a good day...

Firstly, because I got a phone call from the theater company I had done an interview with two days ago, saying I got turned down. I was bummed, cause I was really looking forward to it. Plus, it is always a bit frustrating... thinking that you missed something, and you don't even know what it was.
Oh well... hope something else will come my way.

Secondly, I went to Flickr today to check on my last picture's feedback and it had something like 3 comments, which is also frustrating because I really like the picture and it's just sad to me that it doesn't really get much recognition. People just didn't share my opinion, I guess. It's funny how sometimes there are pictures you don't like as much and you post anyway's and it gets this massive feedback, all the while there are those ones you really like and get nearly none. *sigh*

Here's the second picture:

And so it goes...


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4 of you said...

  1. that is how it usually works. pictures I really like got a minimum of comments and likes.. those I think are really bad got many and many of feedback. guess it is just something we (as the artists - especially you, because you ARE one) have to deal with if we want to be who we are now. Pretty picture, I really do think it is good and mysterious, because of the light and no face. Can´t wait for more to see.

  2. Layla, thank you so much for the constant support. Love you for that. *kiss*

  3. Ah I feel your pain sometimes. People perceive things you really cant quite figure out. I guess there are things that people see in our pictures that we don't.
    Just continue to do what you love doing, don't mind what people think too much. :)
    Oh and it is a beautiful picture. I love the how the light hits the face.

  4. oh that photo is wonderful!