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1:02 AM

Not many questions, but I'm glad about it, I wouldn't have the time to reply anyway. :) I started working yesterday so... not as much time to be online.

Questions and answers:

What about your experience with the new lens? Tell us, what do you think about it's results?

I like it a lot. It's a huge difference from my previous one. At first it was a bit hard to adapt since it has no zoom but as far as results go I think you can see them by yourself on the pictures I've been posting. :)

Como consegues essas maravilhosas fotos? É algum tipo de edição? Sê sincera, please. Usas fotoshop?

Uso photoshop, sim. Mas eu acho que aquilo a que te referes, assim como a neblina de que tanto gostas, tem a ver maioritariamente com o facto de serem fotos tiradas com uma máquina de rolo. Com as fotos de rolo o uso de photoshop é praticamente nulo e essa "neblina" já lá está. Por outro lado, quando são digitais, aí sim, uso o photoshop de maneira a tentar adquirir as cores características do rolo. :)P.S. Fui sincera. :)

If one song were to describe your life, what song would it be?

There is no way ONE song could describe anyone's life. It can describe a moment, a phase, maybe... not someone's life in general - it probably wouldn't be a good sign if it did! ahaha
But this could say something about my now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YA2h9PrIUxs

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

How to control my emotions. Then I'd congratulate him on his creation of the aurora borealis and apples, of course. :)

What is your favorite number?

Ah! 1, 7 and 17. :P

Do you like drinking from a cup or a straw?

From a cup. Specially if it's warm... I like to feel it on my face. :)

Do you take every photo of the blog?

Yes. Unless I'm featuring someone, but it's explicit when I am. :)

... and here are the self-portraits:

Tell me what you think. :)


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13 of you said...

  1. These are beautiful! I love the first and the third photo most. How long have you been taking photos? And are these film? :)

  2. I've been taking pictures for... about 5 years now. But I only started taking it more seriously recently. :) No, these are digital, but it's quite flattering that you ask if it's film. :)

  3. the 50mm is my favorite lens to use. i got the nikon 50mm f/1.2 when i went to japan. the pics from your 50mm look great.

    my favorites are also 1 and 3. i like the poses and the little sunspots/bokeh.

    did you use a timer or remote or very long stick to take the pictures?

  4. wow 1.2? That must be amazing to work with! Lucky you! :)

    I used telepathy, actually. It's very effective! :D haahh no, I used the timer. The remote I have doesn't give me the 2sec - or any second for that matter - after I click it, so it ended up being pretty useless... I need a new, proper one.


  5. Muito bom... adorei a musica... ja ando a ouvir o EP dela de 2003! :P *

  6. As tuas fotos deram-me vontade de pôr o relógio a despertar cedinho para fotografar as cores do Outono! ^^ Acho que já te disse: gosto muito do teu trabalho! Beijinho

  7. wow this is beutiful O: , you're reaqlly talented :) ...hwo do you make your pictures look so soft and colorfull ? :O

  8. photoshop is the king! :) just played around with colors a bit.

  9. i love your style, and the way you edit photos.

  10. Just came here across because I was so impressed on deviantART...and honestly this page is really nice and I feel kind of home...
    What's the first song? It's beautiful...the second is just coming...ahhh...this one I know :) (Ive seen a nice video on YouTube...)
    The music fits so perfectly with your website and the photos, which are more than 'think' ... it's a journey ...
    You inspire me to start making photos again...and I will do so when I return to Europe from India...and then a new camera will accompany me on my journeys...
    Looking forward to share...as you do...
    Wow...next song is coming...tell me...who's that artist? Please!
    Thank you Teresa.

    PS: I just scrolled down :) Now I also know the music ;) I was captivated from the upper part of this website before... :)

  11. Anant: Thank you so much, for the lovely comment. I'm really flattered, and it makes me happy to have inspired you in such a way. :) Patrick Watson is the artist. :)