... his branches.

1:14 AM

Hey everyone!

I have been posting my digital portraits that I'm not so in love with, because I haven't been shooting film... and I missed it so much! So, I just grabbed my brother and went out in the woods.
I mostly wanted to try out my most recently aquired camera, the Zenit-E. These pictures, though, were taken with my Zenit-11. I haven't developed the Zenit-E film yet, since I haven't finished it. So... maybe there will be more pictures of these series coming later. Maybe not. We'll see.
I plan on shooting with Cláudia and Rita soon... but they're kinda busy at the moment, so... I have to wait... which sucks, but... yeah... It really sucks, not having models when you really feel like taking pictures.

On other news, I've been pretty excited about the possibility of going to some place with snow. Last year I was really frustrated, cause I kept seeing it on tv, but I came nowhere close to it and it doesn't snow where I live. So,this year, I just asked my dad to take me somewhere nice and white. :) And since he said he would... I'm really excited about taking some white pictures. That will be a first. Cláudia is also willing to go with me, so.. yeah! White pictures! :)

If anyone wants to give me presents this Christmas, just... give me film! I promise to use it! ahaha

Here are some of my brother's pictures:

Hope you like them - let me know! :)


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7 of you said...

  1. oh.my.goodness. you are sooo amazing! the lighting is so beautiful! The light flares give me goosebumps <3

  2. WOW! especially the second one is amazing! he is so handsome! .)

  3. wonderful!! the light and the colours are just breathtaking

  4. These photos are amazing! The light is so beautiful! How do you get such beautiful lighting? :)
    wow :)
    - Mia

  5. Thank you everyone! :)

    Mia: The light was there already. :)

  6. oh my gosh those photos are so beautiful! wow.