Adriano Sodré

12:48 AM

Today I spent the afternoon with my dear friend Adriano - he's a photographer and we're really close friends (I love him to bits). Every once in a while we hang out and he takes pictures of me. I usually decline invitations from photographers who would like to photograph me, though. I just don't feel comfortable. Besides I've had some bad experiences in the past. You know when you're just hideous in a picture and the photographer goes like "This is an awesome picture, I'm gonna use it." ? ................
So, yeah, Adriano is the only photographer that I feel most comfortable with as a model, firstly because I really like his work and I think we have similar aesthetics, and secondly and most importantly because it's more of a cooperation, really,  I actually have a say on the photoshoot. Plus, he would never use a picture that I don't like - which is nice. :)

I definately recommend that you go check on his lovely stream HERE. Show him some love! :)

And here are the pictures that he took of me today.

Tell me what you think. :)


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8 of you said...

  1. I do see a lot of similarities in your work and his!
    He is a wonderful photographer. The compositions are wonderful.

  2. o_0 woooooooooow!!!!!!

    You look so gorgeous, I perfectly understand why other photographer want to shoot you....I d love to photography you too. Lucky Adriano who's the only one who can do it ;)

    These pictures are great!!!!

  3. I think... it's a shame you don't say yes more often :)
    n.2 for the voyeur point of view
    n.3 for the 2/3 rule respect enhancing your face
    n.9 for the lines of the composition
    Beautiful pics of a beautiful girl.

  4. oh these are nice! I first thought they were self portraits (as these have similarities to how you compose images). I was looking at them thinking, "this girl has such talent! these are wonderful!" you should model more often! I'll be sure to check out his work :)

  5. Amazing photos!! :)
    I love nr.2 - its so beautiful!

  6. I missed to comment this series :) but I was looking a few times already...with delight...
    You are an amazing modell and your natural beauty is sticking out in each of your photos.
    The best photographer for you as modell can only be you or someone who is akin and see what you carry in yourself...the effect of this series is really charming and authentic...It's your decoration from within you make visible in each picture you publish...
    Each photo is subtle and combined with the vivid natural just fit perfectly into the ambience.

    Personally I like the 3rd, the 6th and the 12th photo the most... :)