3:27 AM

Some weeks ago I went to the beach with my friend Ana, it was pouring really heavily and the wind was insanely strong, but, yeah, we're troopers and went anyways. I just got the film developed last week, which is why I'm only posting them now. The bad news are not many of them came out good, many of them were out of focus, which is only natural since I was too worried about getting hit by a ferocious wave. ahaha And on top of that the pictures don't portray the storm we were in, at all! It seems like a normal cloudy day. It was not! ahaha Both of us got the flu some days later. We did had tons of fun, though, it has to be said, so... yeah, it was worth it. :)

Here are the pictures.

Take care.


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4 of you said...

  1. woooow. So delicate! impressive, it seems like it is a dream. I love them so much! you are great, as always!

  2. I try putting myself in this situation and I really believe it was worth it...can't wait to walk barefoot on such a beach I did so often in the past...
    Ooohh...I would even like to spend a night or two (if there is no storm)...listen the waves and smell the salty air...make a fire and look in the stars.

  3. I totally love the last one, Teres.. what I see inside, is that she is leaving certain things and maybe also her whole life, behind, walking away from it... and it´s not easy..
    but it might be my feeling just because of stuff I am going through now. Anyway, really love it!
    kiss, kiss.