3:36 AM

Hey, everyone.

I've been a little away during this holiday season, it has been a little hectic, so... I didn't have much time to upload the blog properly, but I did not forget to take a picture of the presents I got this christmas, for you guys. :)

Anyways, this was a different christmas for me. I always spend my christmas eve with my family at my grandma's house, but this year (for personal reasons) I didn't want to go there so, instead of spending my christmas eve alone, one of my best friends invited me to go and spend it at her place, with her family - really nice of her. It was quite fun, I'd say. Lot's of good food and specially good desserts! Yummy! :) (yes, I have a sweet tooth).

However, when I wanted to go home, after dinner... there were no trains. The next train was scheduled for 8 o'clock in the morning, which didn't feel very fortunate. But in the end, my dad managed to go pick me up - really nice of him, as well - so, I was able to keep my ritual of opening my christmas presents in the morning with my brothers. :)

So this is what I got...

What about you?
What was the best present you got? Any interesting stories?

I want to know. :)


P.S. You see the tripod and remote control? Self-portraits are in order, it seems. :)

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7 of you said...

  1. nice gifts, i would be happy to get any of those :P even The Sims xD

    well the best present i got was my cellphone, but i needed a robe so, that was a nice one too :)

    interesting stories... maybe that my aunt gave me some provocative underpants and everyone saw xP but it's ok. lol

    happy new year**

  2. what a lovely gifts! I love the dress and that bag.. :) and I terribly can´t wait for some new self-portraits of yours <3 :))

  3. Love the gifts, especially the tripod and timer. Can't wait to see all the work you do with them! :)
    The gifts I received were okay, I was more excited to give my boy his gift more than anything. I got him a mandolin!

    No interesting stories really except that my cousin brought antelope stew for dinner... was interesting :/

  4. I love the dress and bag you got! They're so lovely.

    I got mostly money.... which I can't spend on nice things. I got laid off from my job so my Christmas money has to go to gas and food. =[

  5. Trivia: I wasn't expecting to get the sims! ahaha but I'm super addicted now. :D Happy new year.

    Layla: It's not a dress, it's a top. :) Ahhh me too, but it hasn't been very sunny lately, so... But I'll take them... soon. :)

    Erica: Aww.. it motivates me to know that I have people wanting to see the self-portraits :)
    A mandolin? Does he know how to play it already? :)
    Antelope... really? Okay... ahahah *

    Erin: It's not a dress it's a top. :)
    Oh no! I totally understand. I got laid off too. :( I couldn't get presents for everyone like I always do, cause I had to save up. *big hug* Best of luck, sweetie.

  6. oh, that bag, love it! that pattern is fantastic!
    and thatt others gifts are great too, you're a lucky girl .)!
    have a nice new year, full on nice things and lovely photos ;)!
    about gifts I got - soon on my blog... (haven't photos yet)


  7. Your photos are so dreamy and wonderful! You're a great inspiration! x