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Many of you don't know, but I never photograph models. I've had some bad experiences in the past so, right now I just shoot friends - who are usually actresses. And I still think that, for some reason, it's easier to work with them than with actual models. Still, I have a friend who is a model and she also as a model friend that I was really interested in photographing, so, despite my past experience I went for it and contacted their agency to schedule some test shoots.
I've photographed Francisca already, and I don't know if it's because she's a model, but the pictures came out with a little editorial feel to them... I don't know. The photo session with her friend is scheduled for February, only. Hope it's sunny or it will be impossible. *fingers crossed*

Anyways, here are Francisca's pictures.

Let me know what you think. :)



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8 of you said...

  1. 5,10,13.. I hope I numbered them well.. I love these three.. so beautiful ;)

  2. Nice Pics, I really like them.

    By Änna

  3. love the fifth picture, amazing light.

  4. she has such a beautiful hair :)
    and the shots look good, I think it might be finally good shooting with a model :)

  5. oh my god! I am speechless!! your photos are amazing! beyond words can express :))

  6. It's interesting how different those pictures look in colour when compared with the black&white photos.
    For me the 2 black&white pictures are far the best...
    I believe this model doesn't fit with the colours of the environment. Photo 10 is also a very nice one...the others look somehow staged and artificial...maybe Photo 1 is also more close to an authentic expression but more because of the beautiful natural lighting.
    In photo 5 there is a little too much sun in the face, which would be intersting to see, because I believe that the most beauty of photos with people comes with the expression in the face in combination with the pose of the body. Just rarely a person makes a symbiotic relation to the light and environment and merges into the photo as a natural part of the invorenment...(which happens when I see photos of yourself, dear Teresa).
    Maybe an indoor shooting with her looks far better...don't get me wrong please, I just believe that she looks a little affected in this natural environment.
    I hope I was positively discerning this part of your work...and helpful with my opinion...
    I truly like the last 2 photos in this blog. They look very honest and introverted...the model was put her mind into the environment and mirror it within herself which is visible in the expression in her least this is what I can see :)

  7. não são, de longe, as tuas melhores fotos...também a modelo em si não é nada de especial...alias, o facto delas estarem boas é de seres um excelente artista. continua com as tuas amigas aspirantes a actrizes... vai para a praça do porto tirar fotos às pessoas... é uma das vertentes que gostava que explorasses... a tua arte é muito natural e isso nota-se. numa baixa, captares imagens de pessoas normais, no seu mais banal dia...era top! maria sampaio.