Pictures and Features

10:06 PM

Like I promised, I'm posting the other selfies I took before the sunny ones. I don't like these as much, but I'll post them anyways, for record's sake. :)

But before that, here are the latest features.

 - on The DPhoto


- on dans la tête online magazine (one picture feature)

And here are the pictures.

Hope you like them.


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8 of you said...

  1. These are so dreamy. I love how soft your photos always are.

  2. These are so beautiful and have so much emotion. I love photos 3 and 5 the most!

  3. amazing pictures! :)

  4. foste tu que recentemente tiraste umas fotos à Anita Costa? msampaio

  5. Wonderful ! You're pictures are magic!

  6. Those pictures look so much enchanting that I really can't understand why you don't like them so much...
    They are just in a differnent mood than the sunny outdoor shooting which doesn't mean here is something less magical or charming than with warm colour tones from natural sunlight...
    I would say that you are your best model...really, because your "selfies" (I like this word :) look very put lot of feelings into each one of them and your indoor-selfies are adorable...they look more intimate, gentle and soft...of course because of the nice editing but I guess it's the effect you want to give to your artwork...
    I love this's perfect!