11:10 PM

Today it was sunny and I just couldn't believe it! Seriously, I was so excited! ahahaha
I didn't have any model-to-go, so I just grabed my camera and my tripod and went to the woods by myself. Needless to say my self-portrait quest continues. ahaha It's really a pain for me, cause at some point I'm always hidding behind my hair or my hands or... whatever! It's like I have to force myself not to hide. ahaha So, today I'm really excited because I got many selfies that I liked where I'm actually showing my face. :)

I hope you like them too. :)

I've also taken some other indoor self-portraits two days ago, but I was just too excited about these! ahaha I'll share the other ones later along with my latest features. :)

Take care, everyone.


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16 of you said...

  1. love 2, 3 and 4! makes me want to go outside and take selfs too, haven't done that for ages.

  2. I love these. The lighting is super.
    And I'm envious about how long your hair is. That, too, is awesome.

  3. Youre beautiful! and this light is wonderful! Second photo is my fave :)
    I was so happy when i saw the sun out --- was still FREEZING though! hehe

  4. The second photo looks gorgeous! :)

  5. wow, they are all amazing! I can't decide which I like best...
    I need to shoot in the woods again, but atm we only have snow and fog. and I'd love to have also such amazing lighting.


  6. Amazing photos.. I can never take photos like that of myself..
    I wish I had a forest near my house.

  7. they are so beautiful.. mostly, people who do selfportraits just stay with one pose or expression of thei face all the time (including me). But not you. You are so creative and inspiring - and these are just way too beautiful.
    p.s. I love your dress and your hair! <3 well, to be honest, I love you. hugs, one of my favs photographers. you keep the good name for photography :*

  8. menina bonita, olaré! :)

    gosto muito da 1,2 e 7.

    (já há novidades?) ;)

  9. Absolutely loved the 2 last pics ... the all set looks amazing but i love the contrast with the red plant !!! And that dress ... look AWESOME !!!!! ^^

  10. You look stunning :) Love the atmosphere in your photos!
    My favs are 1,2, and 7 :) Beautiful!!
    Have a nice day!
    Love Mia

  11. porque não tens conta no as tuas fotos são explêndidas. maria sampaio

  12. 7...7...7
    The number from heaven :)