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Here's the story...

I live in the projects, always have. It's not really hardcore, so as a child it was quite awesome to have loads of children my age to play with. Usually, though, I always hung out with Luis, Sara and José (amongst others, but usually it was us four). We were always in and out eachother's houses - eating, sleeping over. And in the summer we would always gather at the stairs to talk. I still remember that huge tree next to my building that created these beautiful shadows of leaves and branches on the wall next to the stairs, and we would talk and eat cherries, and throw the cherry pits at eachother... gosh, those were good times. Then, you know, life happens. Some guys cut the tree, Luis moved, José moved, Sara is still my neighbor, though, but we all just grew apart. Everytime we bump into eachother, though, it's like time didn't take anything away, we're still friends.

With that said, on sunday I got a phone call from Luis letting me know that José's mother had passed away and that the funeral was going to be at 5pm on monday. He was the one calling me because José didn't have my number anymore, so he asked Luis to let me know. At first I told Luis that I couldn't go, cause I had rehearsals all day on monday, but as soon as I hung up the phone, I just couldn't bare the idea of not being there for José - even though I do hate funerals. So I just asked the director for the afternoon... and went.
I believe it was the first funeral I've ever wanted to go to and it's also the first one that I can say it was worth attending. When we saw José he was really keeping to himself, mostly comforting his sister, you know, typical man of the house. But when he saw us and we hugged him, he just let go and cried and thanked us and apologized at the same time... I can't really put into words how special it was.
Yesterday, when I talked to him, I really got the feeling that we are going to be seeing more of eachother from now on. His mom's death was very sudden, and I believe that those kind of things always open our eyes to how much we take people for granted, life even. So, I don't know... it's just good to feel that I have a friend back, specially when it's not just any friend, José is like family. Today it's his birthday and we are going to be with him. :)

Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

With love,


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10 of you said...

  1. This brought tears to my eyes.

  2. You are beautiful! A wonderful story and that is what family is all about. Thanks Teresa!

  3. This is such a toutching story -
    It so strange when life does that, but such big changes tend to bring people together, for undeneath lies the frightening knowledge that noen of us get more than a lifetime.

    It's so nice to read how something so very sad also can start something beautiful.

  4. Such an honest and moving story, brought tears to my eyes too.

  5. Teresa,

    Dwayne here again. Tell him some guy from the Bahamas, one of your blog readers sent his sympathy! I'm sorry to hear about it; taking time off from the play was the right thing to do. Tell him I said happy birthday as well; I wish yall a wonderful time I hope you had an awesome time last night. Moving on is hard but it's a must.

    DT. Tha Hustla
    Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida

  6. Oh ... thank you all so much for the kind words. I really didn't expect anyone to actually take the time to read it properly, let alone comment on it... and the reaction... It makes me smile knowing that some of you read this so closely it brought tears to your eyes (it was very emotional for me as well).

    Just... thank you. :)

  7. so your photo is here :

    thank you ! :)

  8. I love the picture...
    Your words made me cry...
    You are special!
    I'm happy you are in my life, somewhere...

  9. parabéns por este espaço e pelo seu trabalho extraordinário, cheio de sensibilidade.

  10. Teresa... és tão linda! por dentro e por fora!
    no more words...