Margarita - 1st part

3:21 AM

 I'm sorry I haven't been updating this blog but I just started rehearsals for a play I'm doing, and when I get home I no longer have it in me to update it properly. And I've also been feeling a little down lately, so... I never feel like doing much, let alone write/talk, when I'm feeling blue. However, today, I made myself do it... so here I am. :)

I have this new series with a new model named Margarita - she is completely stunning and became my absolute favorite model. We just clicked I guess. I barely had to direct her (I still did, but much less than I have to with other girls). She knew what I wanted and it was the same thing that she wanted and likes, so... we we're both working for the same. She says we are both weird. :)

Here is the first round of pictures:

You know how it goes... tell me what you think. :)



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23 of you said...

  1. these are all so beautiful... and she is absolutely gorgeous and I understand why she is your favourite model right now. <3 very nice work done.

  2. ooh, these are stunning and so beautiful!! really love this serie Teresa, you are an inspiration! :)

  3. Ngaw hope you cheer up soon!
    & These photos are fantastic! Can't wait to see more, hehe.

  4. beautiful, simply wonderful. I love the colors, gestures and staff. wonderful! I look forward to more of Margarita.

  5. as tuas fotos estão cada vez mais bonitas.
    estas fotos estão perfeitas.
    as minhas favoritas: 1, 3 e 4.

  6. These are completely magical -
    I really, really love them.
    My favourite (if I had to choose) is the first one, but they are all wonderful.. I adore the tones in the first one, they are like silvery droplets.

    So very inspiring, I just want to run out and take pictures right now ;)

  7. As minhas preferidas: 3, 4, 6.
    A que eu gosto muito muito muito: 4!

    Muito bonitas! Adoro os tons e acho que isso é a tua marca genuína nas fotos... ah para além de seres um fotógrafa creepy (tal como eu gosto!).

    Beijinhos! :)
    cóco *

  8. i just discovered your blog today, and i'm in love. these are absolutely beautiful!

  9. Suas fotos são lindas! Adoro os tons e a intensidade delas por mais serenas que pareçam... tudo lindo!

  10. One look and I've fallen head over heels for your blog Teresa. I adore women, they have such a wonderful aesthetic and you capture this beautifully. I was about to go to sleep when I came here, what a wonderful way to end my day.

    Following you. :)

  11. I absolutely adore this set! There's something special about your work :-)

  12. so beautiful
    all of them inspire me, the second and last one are incredible

  13. oh my god!what a amazing pics!
    good job my dear <3

  14. I love the bokeh on the first one.

  15. These pictures are absolutely sublime. Thank you for sharing.

  16. What a beautiful post - as always your pictures are breathtaking! ... romantic but mysterious.. So perfect! Cant wait to see the rest! The model is georgeous! <3

  17. I love your photos, they are incredible...
    I found your blog in you flickr.
    congratulations, you can`t be better =)
    Te sigo desde ya!

  18. Teresa,

    I enjoyed the photographs. It's my first time to the blog, I made a blog of my own in the blogger community so I'm swimming into the sea of blogs; now exploring your reef.

    What do I love about the images?

    I usually comment on images if the composition was executed correctly and you did just that. You took me into your images, I love the mood the feel of them, everything.

    I wish you the best of luck with your photography, remember never to give up and keep on hustlin'

    P.S. Good luck with your play; I remember my days of Theater Arts. I loved it.

    DT. Tha Hustla
    Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, Florida