4:10 AM

This is a much needed update!

I'm really sorry, but I have been so busy with rehearsals, I get home everyday by 1:30 am I barely got any energy left to do whatever it is. I'm just so tired. But today I'm making the effort because tomorrow rehearsals start a little bit later in the afternoon. :) Still.. I'm sorry.

So, I got to do a shoot, a couple of weeks ago, with Neide who's a close friend of mine who actually volunteered to take some nude pics, because she knew I really wanted to try it out - talk about awesome friends, uh?  :) We went to this little village in the middle of the mountains, it was really pretty and you could see a bunch of wind towers on top of the mountains - I love wind towers (I think I took some pics with my Canon, I'll check on that and maybe upload them later). We had a really good time and she was a real trooper, cause it was freezing cold. There was this dog who was too big and too energetic for someone who is afraid of dogs (me!) and so, everytime he came running my heart would just stop... but Neide was always able to distract him, keeping him away from me - thank god! :)

Anyways, I just got the pics from the lab, and because I've been busy I don't have the usual total sneak peek for you, but I have two making of pictures and, besides the two other pictures I already posted on flickr, I'm posting a new one here. :)

New pictures:

Making of:

Hope you like them (as always). :)


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6 of you said...

  1. The first great picture, very inspiring to me.

  2. Lovely photographs as always! My favs are number 1,4 and 5 :)
    Have a great day!

  3. i so love this first photo. do wonderful pictures

  4. goddamn.. actually I see myself losing the words. I'm happy I found your blog! this ist amazing <3

  5. Theae are amazing,
    especially the first one.
    So very dreamy and beautiful -