I'm back

11:04 PM

I'm back after these two long weeks away from home. The play went really well and we may even go on tour with it, but there's nothing scheduled for now. On monday I start rehearsing for this other play I'm gonna be doing until mid June, and then... who knows? Hopefully, something will be happening after this one. I'm also planning on visiting London in June - anyone from London? :)

I just did a shoot with Cláudia, yesterday. I can't really know if it went well or not because I was using this other lens I had but never used, so I can't really know how it's going to turn out - this is getting me extra anxious. So, yeah, no promises about good outcomes but, as always, fingers crossed.

And finally, as some of you know, two weeks ago I took some pictures of Joana, so here are some previews of these series:



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11 of you said...

  1. Brilliant and magnificent!

  2. These are beautiful. Are you using film? Your colours and light are impeccable.

  3. Teresa, I've been peeking into your blog for a little while now and today I totally had to comment (something I simply must start doing more on blogs ... I'm so bad). I think your work is stunning and you have something really striking and unique flowing though your images; I adore them. I have noticed however, you don't seem to give yourself near enough credit. Your images are really beautiful and I hope your confidence grows to truly own that. I think you deserve it :) ox.

  4. just perfect.
    there is nothing more I can say ;*

  5. Ashley S - That means a lot, trully.. thank you. And I know I have to work on my confidence, I'm too hard on myself and it just makes it harder sometimes, I guess. Plus, I keep seeing so many wonderful streams, I just feel like my pics can't really match that type of quality. Thank you, anyways. :)

  6. Love the picture with the sheer dress! So cool! Can't wait to see more!

  7. I love them all, such magnificent play of light -

    number 3 is my favourite!