3:10 PM

Long time no ... well, nothing really.

I'm really sorry for this (kinda) long absence, but I haven't really had time to take pictures, so I just stopped posting here - being a photography blog and all. :) I have been busy with the play I'm doing and my dear friends, who usually model for me, seem to be busy as well so... no pictures. Anyway, now that I have little more time in hands I hope to get everything running again. And maybe my friends won't be as busy these next days/weeks, hopefully.

On monday I took some pictures of Graça, a new friend of mine, who is also a new model, I guess. :) ahaha It seems to go hand in hand. We were supposed to meet to go have some ice cream by the beach (no, it wasn't sunny) and I just asked her to take one picture that I had already visualized, I just needed her to model, I told her I wouldn't even show her face (cause she's a bit shy). So we went to the place I wanted to shoot in, I took off my dress so that she could use it and.. well, we took more than one picture. :)

I don't know if I'll be editing more but, for now, I'll give you a sneak peek.

Hope you like it.

... teresa

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11 of you said...

  1. Amazing, I really love them!

  2. these photographs are so beautiful!

  3. I love them all but the third one down is absolutely stunning :)

  4. This is a great great series! I love all pictures, so I d love you to edit more! And the new model look amazing!!!!

  5. This is so beautiful series of pictures!
    Fine colours and light!

  6. love thee pictures, the effect is stunning!!

  7. Lovley pictures! Just found this blog, will follow it now.

  8. gorgeous! every move and every wrist bend - so infused with emotion.

  9. such a softness in your pictures, i like them a lot !