- Natalie Kucken -

7:30 PM

You know I don't usually feature people, unless they are friends of mine or just incredibly brilliant, so when it comes to young Natalie Kucken, I'm definitely featuring her for the second reason.
I'm completely head over heels with her latest work, it has been such an inspiration to me - even though I usually just look at her pictures and sigh and feel like my work is crap in comparison ahaha still, an inspiration, nonetheless.  She's got me on the tips of my toes, anxious to see what she will do next. With such an amount of talent she is definitely worth following - her Flickr and her Blog.

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8 of you said...

  1. wow, these are just perfect! I love this technique.

  2. wow, the photo of the ride is beautifully haunting!

  3. You have no idea how much I look up to her work. And I get the same feeling too; inspiration mixed with a little bit of dismay and longing to be that good someday... I get that with your work, too, Teresa!

    Photography is such a powerful medium.

  4. she Is amazing, but so are you!

  5. oh yeah, she's great, she's great indeed!