Poland = Home

1:57 AM

Every time someone would mention favourite countries or dream trips, Poland would be on the top of my list, but when someone asked me why, I could never answer; I didn't know much about it, I'd never been there, I could picture it's houses, the people, beautiful light, inspiring lifestyle... I didn't really have a solid reason to like it so much, though... I just did.
I began online-chatting with the talented Czlowiek Kamera, and in one of our conversations I remember telling him how much I'd love to be part of one of his exquisite films and he said something like "We should do that, you just need to come to Poland." I guess that's when I started thinking about it in a more realistic way. I was also Laura Makabresku's pen pal at the time and I love Nishe's work... and I realized they were all people living in Poland. Funny, uh?
I always try to follow my heart, my intuition, so when the opportunity came, I just grabbed it. A friend of mine told me I could get the trip for free - insane, I know, I'm THAT lucky -, it was my first trip, first time flying, and alone! I didn't feel any type of fear, though, just excitement. I talked to Nishe, because I wanted to meet her as well, and when she realized me and Czlowiek were still figuring out where we would be staying (cause he's not from Kraków), she was just a sweetheart and invited us to stay at her place. Everything felt right. :)
And everything was right. The trip was amazing!
Czlowiek was waiting for me at the airport, then we went to Nishe's house and I met Nishe and Wojciech. I believe we all had an immediate connection, definitely... we hit it off right away. The next morning they did these delicious sandwiches for breakfast, and every other breakfast (I miss them) and then we went for a walk, did some second-hand shopping and took some pictures. Then we worked on our film during 2 full days - amazing days. We were a great team! We just understood eachother so well, we are very singular but at the same time we speak the same language, so it all worked perfectly, our ideas combined turned a good thing into a great one. Now, I'm dying to see the results, but it will probably only be ready as a Christmas present. Czlowiek as a lot of editing to do.
I never felt tourist-like. I felt at home. These new friends were old friends. Everything was exactly has I imagined. I wasn't even as sad as I thought I would be when I came back, I knew in my heart I would be back... many times. :)

Oh, by the way, I love kopytka(!) and I would like to thank the lovely Nishe for cooking it for me everytime I asked her to... which was everyday. :)

See you soon, guys. Thank you for everything. 

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20 of you said...

  1. So very, very beautiful. It was wonderful to read and the photos are glorious. Thank you for sharing it with us! :)

  2. in love with your pictures. simply beautiful. and i can almost feel the autumn breeze :)

  3. lovely colours those vegetables! i really like it, what kind of film did you use?

  4. que história, das improváveis. já conhecia o trabalho da laura makabresku e da nishe e também gosto.. ah, quem me dera, uma coisa assim :)

  5. Everything in this post is amazing.
    The colors are very soothing <3

  6. peaceful and beautiful photos, i really like them !

  7. Amazing pictures and beautiful text! You're awesome girl :) Keep going,xoxo B.

  8. You should see other cities next time :)

  9. I follow Nishe and Laura on facebook and I saw that they have added some pictures with you and I wondered if you lived in Poland but finding this blog post, I see that it was just a great trip. I'm from Poland myself (living in England now) and it flatters me so much that you seem to like my country so much. I'm glad it made you feel at home.

  10. Great Blog my friend, congratulations from:

  11. that's great that you liked our country! i have to agree, we've got wonderful places (and people!), next time you have to see polish mountains!
    i've just discovered you (thanks to the tumblr) and your photos are absolutely stunning, keep up the great work :) i don't know if i can recommend you someone: http://aifowy.blogspot.com/ , she's one of my favourite photographers ever, and she's from poland as well ;)
    oh, and i love kopytka to! have to tell my mom to make these for my dinner tomorrow
    xoxo, n.

  12. poland really is great, ive been there.
    cool pictures.

    visit me sometime

  13. How awesome! ♥


  14. wonderful blog post! i hope to visit someday, as most of my family lives in krakow!


  15. Following you !


    Coline !

  16. Magic photographs.. magic atmosphere. I want to go there too.