First post of the year.

6:13 PM

Hello, everyone.

This is a much needed update.
I have at least 4 posts in the bag waiting to be released -- what a shame!
I was doing a play for the past 3 months and I was completely immersed in it (in a good way), it tends to happen. I get sucked in, I live to do that and to be with those people and everything else kind of fades into the background. But I'm back now, and I really want to be better this year, updating and uploading more often (if I haven't lost all my followers by now ehehe).

How was your New Year's Eve? This year I spent mine in London. I'll post about it, soon (still haven't developed the pictures). :)

I'm quite ashamed to admit this, but these pictures I'm posting today were taken in June.
My oh my...

Still, here they are, with the (always) lovely Margarita.

With love,


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12 of you said...

  1. Really beautiful... Love your work, there is much poetry and softness

  2. Teresa, these pictures are breathtaking <3 Glad you'll be posting more on the next year, can't wait to see more of your lovely work ! xx

    1. Thank you.
      I always feel that people don't care that much, so I end up not posting that much. :X

  3. amazing photographs.. this is the way of expression that I love

  4. June looks as pretty as I remember it. Love the light.


  5. Those photos are brilliant. I love the colours. :) Good to see you here again.

  6. AMAZING shoot, your editing is incredible, such a story in these photographs.