Flaws and all?

7:20 PM

(caption: at the cold greenhouse in Lisbon)

These past few days have been quite insightful, even though this does not necessarily mean something as uplifting and peaceful as it may sound - specialy for an analytical mind, like mine. I do like puzzling my way out of ideas and problems, but, sometimes, I get stuck in the middle, not knowing what is right (for me). Unfortunately, until I do, until I puzzle it, I'm left feeling restless, because it's not clear, because I "don't know". 
One of the ideas I have been battling with is the notion of Acceptance vs Change. If, on one hand, we should accept ourselves and life as it comes, flaws and all, carrying on with a carefree perspective. On the other, we can and should change things we're not happy about, things we want to improve, things we consider faulty in some way.
So, my question is: Where do we draw the line? How do we know what is deemed unacceptable enough that we should work to transform? Or what can be considered  faulty, yet beautiful enough to keep? 

What are your thoughts on this?

With love,


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7 of you said...

  1. As long as you can accept it, you don't have to change it. And while you change what you don't accept, you have to tolerate it. Where's the line? That, I don't know...


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  2. Balance is the key, mas este teu post dá que pensar :)
    Este blog é uma delícia.

  3. Flaws are only flaws if you call them so. I don't like the word, it feels so negatively charged... as if we're somehow worse if we don't adhere to some ideal of perfection. I'd rather ask myself: does a given quality, quirk or peculiarity of myself stand in the way of my dreams? What would be the the price, the time and energy cost of changing it? Because when you weigh it, sometimes it's worth it - and sometimes it's not. And sometimes you realize that even though you can't quite change yourself, you can change your world to suit and feed and nourish you better.