The first post of 2016.

10:29 PM

Long time no see, uh?

I don't really know how to start this post, to be honest. I'm struggling to find the words amongst the thoughts and emotions. Let's simplify: I feel like writting again, and sharing again - sharing more than before, actually. 
 For a long time I was holding back online, secluding myself, worrying about what people would think, how they would perceive my thoughts, my life and, ultimately, myself as an individual. Although I'm very transparent as a person and wear my heart on my sleeve, I would convince myself that anything besides my photographs didn't really matter to anyone, so I would limit the sharing and the exposure to an acceptable minimum, sharing only what I thought to be just about enough. 
I do like my privacy, that won't change, so I don't think I'll ever be one of those share-my-entire-life-in-minutious-detail type of blogger. But I do feel like I could share more, I know that there are people who want me to (Kosma and Olya, always there for me), and I think it would be beneficial for me, at the end of the line. 

 I've been feeling luminous the past few days, completely open to life's wonders and mischiefs. It feels like the year is just starting, blossoming. It feels like dawn.

Welcome back to this blog. 

Teresa Q.

( Caption: Lisbon's sky, at Cais do Sodré. )

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