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This was my second time in London  the first time didn't leave such a good impression, but I'm always in favor of giving a second chance, the benefit of the doubt. So I did.
I didn't stay for long (4 days), and I didn't try to be with every single person I know there, on the contrary; I spent 2 days with one friend and the other 2 with another, and I had breakfast with another. That was it.

I'm really not the touristy type so, for me, being relaxed and just sort of "living" normally, alongside with people who make me feel comfortable, is my personal strategy for a happy trip.
I didn't take a selfie with Big Ben, I didn't visit Madame Tussauds, no London Eye, no Buckingam Palace... I took walks, took pictures, I ate out, ordered in, watched movies, watched (half) of the Oscars, discovered cool hidden places and coffee shops, talked to strangers, and last but not least, took the Double Decker at night so that I could peek inside people's houses and imagine their stories  my favorite part. :)

This time around, it felt like a good trip, it felt warm and honest and cheerful.
I'm always in favor of giving a second chance, the benefit of the doubt.

With love,


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4 of you said...

  1. I truly love the emotion captured in your photos.
    I can feel a pinch of sadness and melancholia.


  2. Mind if I relive your visit? Because that's exactly what I would do. Makes me wanna go there once more...

    PS. London somehow manages to be both colorful and brown at the same time. :)

  3. Ah, tão bom, fotos onde não se encontram multidões! Também gosto de me armar em espreita e olhar pela janela dos outros.

    1. Eles, aparentemente, não são os maiores fãs de cortinas, o que torna tudo mais fácil. Ihihih ☺️